Dos and donts of the gluten free diet

With the increased craze of having a lean body and lower body weight people are now switching their diet from normal diet to the low carb diet. In this they will have foods that are low in carbohydrates. Another kind of diet is the gluten free diet in Dubai in which all the food that has gluten in them will be avoided. Most of the grains we tale on daily basis has gluten in them and it will cause the obesity if taken more than the necessary amount. You have to check the labels carefully when you are choosing whole grains for your meal. You can add more of the brown rice, wild rice and quinoa in your diet instead of rye, barley and whole grain flour. You should avoid regular bread in your breakfast. Often people will get the pasta and crackers as their snacks in the evening they should avoid them too because they all have gluten in them.

When it comes to consume the fruits and vegetables then it is good news for gluten free diet conscious people that almost all the fruits are gluten free like you can have apple, banana, peach, pear and many other fruits as they all are gluten free. You can also enjoy citrus fruits in the winters too. Vegetables like carrot, onion, bell paper are too gluten free and you can also eat the starchy vegetables like potato and sweet potato. But you have to take notice that always eat the fresh fruits and void the canned and processed fruits. Frozen fruits should also be avoided as they will contain some preserving ingredients which include gluten so if you are going to eat the frozen fruits then always check the pack and instructions before eating.

For getting enough amounts of proteins from gluten free food items you should eat beans and lentils as they are rich in protein but are free from gluten. If you are a meat person then you can have red and white meat like beef, fish, lamb and chicken. You can have all of them without any worry but again you have to take fresh meat always. Never buy the frozen or processed meat. You should also avoid ready to eat meat items they will contain gluten.