Movers unloading a moving van

Quick guide to moving during COVID-19

Coronavirus is a big deal these days and in a matter of few weeks the normal has become abnormal which means that we have to be extra careful with our normal routines. While things and routine may seem to have changed, we still need to carry out with important tasks such as moving. If you plan on moving with international movers Dubai, then here are some tips to follow which will keep you safe in it:

  • According to researchers, coronavirus is not able to survive on porous surfaces which means that cardboard should be your top pick. Pack your essentials in huge cardboard boxes a few days prior to the move and let it sit in the corner so any minor chances of coronavirus attached to the surface can be eliminated.
  • Consider packing your furniture with plastic film. This will give you a protective covering on the furniture which can be discarded immediately.
  • Maintain your social distance with the movers in business bay, even if they are following all precautionary measures. Mark everything in advance for proper and better understanding.
  • Stay safe and away from highly populated area as the more people you interact with, the more chances of catching the virus you have. Make sure you try to plan your route from a less populated area.
  • Pack all your food in advance so that you don’t have to aim for other options because that can be scary and expose you to the virus. If you do choose to eat out then make sure that the restaurant chosen is the one who follows all precautionary measures so that you know you are safe.
  • Before moving in your new house, make sure that the tenants before you have left the place a few weeks prior to your move because even if there was a slight chance of virus surviving on the surfaces, is now gone.
  • During your way to the place and after reaching, make sure you are following hand hygiene tips such as using hand sanitizer and washing hands thoroughly with soap and water. Kill all the germs before you enter your new house.

Hope these tips are helpful and make sure that you avoid contact with corona patients as much as possible because that can be very life threatening.