Tips to help you build a referral network amongst sales people

Of course you offer some of the best services possible these days, but the fact of the matter is that for things to keep going on in the right direction, it is extremely important for you to have an ever-increasing flow of fresh; and top-quality prospects. Without this, it will simply not be possible for you to share the benefits of your products and services with people.

In such a situation, the one thing for sure is that down the line, you are going to reach a point where you will have to wonder who to talk to next as your original list of referrals has finally run out. This is definitely one of the most discouraging questions that you can ask yourself, right? However, if you build a referral network with top performing salespeople, there would never be a time when you will have to ponder over this question. If you do not wish to deal with situations like these, it is necessary for you to build a referral network with other salespeople who have outstanding performances. This is something you will also learn in your sales training in Manchester.

Here’s how you can go about it:

Initiate a conversation with an introduction
Making a first impression is extremely important when it comes to social settings. It is important for you to take the initiative and introduce yourself to the salespeople that you wish to build a referral network with. What you need to bear in mind here is the fact that these are top performing salespeople, so you need to make the discussion really interesting. Prove your uniqueness by adding in descriptions about who you are and what you are into.

Ask them ‘feel good questions’
What are those? Well, for those who don’t know, feel good questions happen to be questions that are asked in order to make your conversation partner relax a bit. These questions will also make it possible for you to initiate the rapport-building process. The best part about these questions, as mentioned by all sales coaches, is that they do not hold any resemblance with questions asked by conventional salespeople. What this means is that these are not invasive at all. Just as their name suggests, these questions are meant to make the other person feel good about you, himself and the conversation at large. Check out the post right here for more information in this regard.