The Right Eye Specialist for You

Choosing an eye specialist is a critical decision as the future of your eyes-related health totally depends on it. There are many prerequisites to selecting the right eye specialist but the first thing to decide is the type of eye specialist you require. Based on your conditions, you might need the services of an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. There is a difference between the job descriptions of these two eye specialists. An optometrist generally deals with the basic eye care or the stuff related to the eyes, including lenses and glasses, but an ophthalmologist is an eye surgeon and can help you get over your eye-related issues in the longer run. Use this link to book your appointment for the best eye specialist in Dubai today.


Let’s take a look at which types of eye specialists are in the field and how they can cater to your different eye-related problems in a professional manner.

As mentioned above, the first thing to ponder is the selection of the eye doctor as there are many specialties in this field. Ophthalmologists are the right choice if you’re dealing with issues like various eye diseases and complicated vision troubles. An ophthalmologist generally has an M.D. or a D.O. degree after a four years of professionally specialized training and medical school. They are the highly qualified specialists to diagnose and treat most of the eye conditions. On the other hand, an optometrist has an O.D. or the doctor of optometry credentials after completion of four years of optometry school. They are also qualified to diagnose and treat the common eye diseases while some of them may also possess certain specialty training programs which make them even more competitive. However, the optometrists are not regarded as medical doctors rather they are trained to diagnose malformations of the eye-related issues like glaucoma and cataracts. They are not allowed to perform an eye surgery, rather they refer such patients to the ophthalmologists. The optometrists mostly work around the vision problems and prescribe corrective lenses to improve the vision of the patients. The opticians work in collaboration with the optometrists and ophthalmologists to produce the eye care products like contact lenses and services like fitting the glasses.

Apart from the eye specialists, you may also find on the attached link some of the most talented orthopedic doctors in Dubai, who are professionally trained to cater to your bones related medical conditions.