Investment At Its Best – Opt For Immigration By Investment

Most people would like to travel different places. Making an investment is a main source for achieving permanent residence visa. Golden visa program was started in 2012. This program was established to enhance the economy of the country and filled the country with various investors and skilled individuals. This visa is also known as Resident permit for investment. By giving the opportunity of Portugal golden visa program to the foreigners it is establishing a new way of development and investment. It would be helpful for the investor and the country.5 years of investment was set in the rules of permanent residence visa in Portugal.



  1. Investment should be of 5 years minimum.
  2. Investors can spend only 7 days in the first year.


The process of golden visa starts by an online application form the Portuguese immigration and border service website. The Sign of the applicant is necessary on the application form. For that purpose, legal representative is required to deliver application with the sign of the candidate to the Regional directorate or local branch of the SEF.


Golden visa only depends on the investment.  The Process of permanent residence visa is not complicated, it requires specific documents. Additionally, it requires a proof of investment and commitment of 5 years investment in a country.

Along the proof of investment there is a need certain document which are

  1. Passport
  2. Proof of short-stay visa
  3. Proof of health insurance
  4. Criminal record certificate
  5. Evidence of tax you paid in your homeland.
  6. Receipts of payment of the Portuguese golden visa fees.


Moreover, investor must need to show bank statement for financial investment.



Portugal is a beautiful and peaceful destination. It is on the third number of the list of most peaceful countries in the world. It provides great quality of life and is one of the most welcoming country. Although there are many other countries to apply for immigration, such as Australia immigration from Abu Dhabi, but on the same page, there are several benefits of golden visa such as investors of the Portugal can travel the Europe free of cost with a single visa. Investors are allowed to trade or visit any country of Europe.


On the behalf of golden visa, it would be easy to get permanent residence of other EU countries. EU countries are aware that Golden scheme holders are the assets for the investment and development.